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The Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA) is a field activity of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Relevant departments are Agricultural Economics; Animal, Wildlife and Grassland Sciences; the Centre for Environmental Management; the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development and Extension; the Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa (DiMTEC); the Institute for Groundwater Studies; Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology; Plant Sciences; Soil, Crop and Climate Sciences; and Zoology and Entomology. All the programs offered by NOSA include: All these programs have different descriptions and details. This in turn will address food security and poverty alleviation. ... prior notice, to the contents and information on this site, including materials, designs, equipment, specifications, prices and/or availability, brochures and interactive plans etc. Department of Horticulture Tel: 031 373 2717, N Dip and B Tech are offered in horticulture. Food and food safety training from SGS – develop the skills, knowledge and certifications you need to meet the high standards of the food industry. The Joy of Life Skills. See also the Variis College website, We also offer NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate Distance Learning courses. NOSA is able to provide training on an in-house basis to our extensive client base. Departments within the School of Agriculture are: Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness; Agricultural and Rural Engineering; Animal Science; Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences; Food Science and Technology; Forestry; Horticultural Sciences; Plant Production; and Soil Science. Short courses for commercial and emerging farmers are available in Afrikaans, English or Sesotho. Book Training Online All successful companies in the food industry have one thing in common – high performing staff dedicated to continuous improvement. Erasmus, D. 2018, June 19. VAT) 7.2 A-Z Mine Health and Safety Act 5 days – – 5 R5 850 7.3 COID Act Training 1 day – – – R1 310 7.4 Construction Regulations 1 day – – 5 R1 480 7.5 GMR 2(1) Supervisor of Machinery 2 days – – 5 R2 040 Click here to become a featured partner and have your Agribusiness listed here. “High demand for smart machine operators”. NOSA offers more than 100 safety-related training courses and skills programmes – … We do realize that data costs are high to download these files so that is why all courses are now being sold for 50% off the recommended retail price. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) has partnered with the NEPAD Agency to implement the Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) project within the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). Enquire Now! Departments include Agriculture; Biochemistry and Microbiology; Geography and Environmental Studies; Zoology and Botany. Price cycles in agricultural produce. The major part of the training can be offered on the farm. “Transforming agricultural education through technology”. We do not accept responsibility for the consequences of actions you may take based on the information contained in this site. PURPOSE AND RATIONALE OF THE QUALIFICATION Employers and contractors also get to understand their legal obligations as far as safety at the workplace is concerned. 011 471 3231 / 2818, Department of Life and Consumer Sciences – call 011 471 3649 Life Sciences e.g. Bizcommunity. RainbowSA Publishing’s The Skills Handbook, a sister publication, takes you through the skills strategy and legislation in an easy-to-understand way and provides an extensive list of training providers. Coetzee, C. 2017, October 16. The highest level is level 5. The courses offered are: It is always risky in the work environment when the height is involved. Available at. Nuwe landbou-akademie belê in toekoms vir Reitz” [new agriculture academy an investment in the future of Reitz]. Departments within the School of Natural Resource Management are Forestry, Agriculture, Nature Conservation, Game Ranch Management and Wood Technology. Directorate: Sector Education & Training Tel: 012 319 6628, Directorate: Sectoral Colleges Tel: 012 319 6957, Baking, Cereals, Confectionary & Snacks (BCCS), Processed and Preserved Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Introduction to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. University of KwaZulu-Natal – The School has a rich academic tradition in Agricultural Education, Environmental Sciences, Geography and Geology. Department of Biotechnology Tel: 016 950 9648, There is a proposal to change the SETA landscape from the current 21 to 15. |Risk management assessments allow clients to monitor their integrated risks and maintain control. 1,483 were here. This explains why NOSA courses are of great importance. Practical course in phytobacteriology techniques in applied entomology, Plant inspectors course for the identification of quarantine pests and diseases, Ecologically-based rodent pest management, Mechanization planning for crop production, Basic Soil Properties: Analysis and Interpretation, Soil Microbiology and Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Department of Environmental Health – 031 907 7654, BSc (Agric) Agricultural Economics and Extension, National Diploma in Animal Health & BSc (Agric) Animal Health, National Diploma in Animal Science & BSc (Agric) Animal Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Management & Agribusiness 033 260 5493, Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management, Dietetics and Human Nutrition 033 260 5428, African Centre for Food Security 033 260 6171, Soil Science Environmental Hydrology/ Centre for Water Resources Research 033 260 5678, School of Engineering (includes Agricultural Engineering –, Department of Agriculture and Animal Health – the focus is on agricultural management, animal health, food nutrition, food security and social development. Faculty of Natural Sciences Tel: 021 959 3426, Faculty of Science and Agriculture Tel: 035 902 6282 / 6649, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, National Diploma: Consumer Sciences: Food and Nutrition. The lessons herein are meant to equip learners with basic fire safety drills that come in handy during such an emergency at the workplace. Two contacts for ATVET are  (i) Magezi Russia Maluleke, senior policy practitioner in the Directorate: Sector Education and Training of DALRRD at RussiaM [at] and (ii) chief director at DALRRD who is in charge of this project, Lebogang Botsheleng at 012 319 6921. SIP 11 is Agri-logistics and rural infrastructure, and includes the expansion of agricultural colleges (see “Agricultural Training Institutes / Agricultural Colleges” heading). “Agri training falling further behind”. c o.z a PAGE 1 N O SA Training Courses 2014 COURSE DURATION (DAYS) PUBLIC (VAT INCL.) The two relevant directorates at DALRRD are: Information on them can be found at – take the “Branches” menu options. Their institutes, centres and units include: African Centre for Gene Technologies; Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA); Centre for Environmental Studies; Centre for Wildlife Management; Conservation Ecology Research Unit (CERU); Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI); Institute for Food, Nutrition and Well-being (IFNUW); Post Graduate School for Agriculture and Rural Development; South African Institute for Agricultural Extension; SADC Centre for Land Related, Regional and Developmental Policy. Call 018 389 2726 or email Lebogang.Motsei [at] On the website, find the interactive links to the departments: Anatomy and Physiology, Companion Animal Clinical Studies, Paraclinical Sciences, Production Animal Studies, Veterinary Tropical Diseases. Food training courses from SGS – effective training on quality and safety management systems standards, food hygiene, food traceability and business performance improvement. Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Agricultural Economics at the North-West University’s Potchefstroom Campus. The AgriSETA Board offers financial support to you as employer and employee in respect of training and development programmes. The National Development Plan (NDP) places agriculture firmly on the agenda for the next 15 years (NPC, 2011). The skills needed for agricultural production, food security and sustainable rural development include: Many of these skills could be considered the building blocks for success in the modern world and should be gained through primary and secondary education. Cultivation of Subtropical crops: Avocado, Citrus & Macadamia, Banana, Guava, Mango & Litchi, Principles of integrated pest management (IPM) for established and developing agricultural systems, Handling, extraction and Identification of plant-parasitic nematodes. NOSA offers over 50 safety, health, environmental and quality training courses, including the industry leader SAMTRAC. NOSA is able to achieve its target of maintaining workplace safety through the different training programs that it offers. Nosa jobs. These are: The programmes under this category target the different employees in the various sectors. TRAINING COURSES OFFERED BY NOSA LOGISTICS DANGEROUS GOODS DRIVER TRAINING LEARNERSHIPS COMPLIANCE TRAINING Johannesburg Office: Foton Truck Building, 52 Electron Road, Isando, 1600 • T +27 (11) 027 9001 • F 086 293 8315 Cape Town Office: 21 McIntyre Street, Glenlily, Parow, 7500 • T +27 (87) 287 2000 Durban Head Office Any of these mining courses would be great for anyone working in the mining industry. Units/Institutes of interest to this publication include the Institute for Water Studies and the South African Herbal Science and Medicine Institute (SAHSMI). This department also hosts the Unit for Indigenous Technological Knowledge Services. Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) are part of the Infrastructure Plan developed by Government to support economic development and address service delivery in the poorest provinces. Enrol for a relevant NOSA course as a step towards ensuring your own safety and that of others around your workplace. Training Services Food and Food Safety. They also tend to take longer than most other programmes would. Increased investment in agricultural technologies, research, and the development of adaptation strategies. Functions of the middleman. Online courses for various types of agricultural degrees may include agribusiness, horticulture, and some of the scientific foundations required. Introductory and advanced spider identification courses. The National Diploma, BTech degree, MTech and DTech in agriculture are offered. LEGISLATION TRAINING Duration Credits NQF Level CPD Points Price (incl. The College is committed to teaching, research and community participation in order to meet the needs of South Africa, the SADC region and Africa as a whole. Courses on tobacco, cotton and fibre crops are presented. Copyright RainbowSA Publishing (Pty) Ltd All Rights Reserved © 2020 Example of Prices. Agriculture courses for farming careers or hobby farming. Elasticity. Visit and respectively. NOSA understands the need for sustainable development by providing ongoing support and continuous training. Faculty of Engineering and Bio-Sciences Tel: 082 77 00 144, Faculty of Science and Agriculture Tel: 040 602 2232. Therefore, agricultural research and education should be a high priority, especially within the developing world. Agricultural Training Institutes, also called Agricultural Colleges, offer higher education for those wanting to follow a career in agriculture, as well as short courses, previously known as further education training (FET), now technical, vocational education and training (TVET). 1 year Course (R 32,900) DESIGNED TO PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH A BROAD KNOWLEDGE BASE AND UNDERSTANDING OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF AGRICULTURE. Research is done in the fields of Agricultural Management, Animal Production and Crop Production. They include: These courses are classified as part of SHE training. Further to this, the facilitators are able to include specific case studies that are relevant to the industry in the training. Offering great support, flexible learning and lots of study options in science, technology & management of all types of livestock and crops. The costs will also make it easy for you to apply. In Agriculture, for example, we offer a National Diploma and BTech in Agricultural Management as well as a generic BSc (Agric). Flux core short welding courses. Find contact details for all departments at The .gov means it’s official. Taking a safety officer training course is a plus on your side. The identification of phytophagous mites and of slide mounted specimens of selected mite families. Departments relevant to this publication are Animal Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Technology, Crop Science, Environmental Health, Environmental Water and Earth Science, Horticulture and Nature Conservation. Contact numbers and information can be found on the website. Course Covers: Supply and demand. A Bachelor of Agriculture (Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management) degree is offered, as well as a diploma in Agriculture (Plant Production). These courses target a lot more people in the organization serving in different capacities. 11 week Course (R 4,000) AgriSETA picks up the bill for most aspects of the training (including a weekly allowance if the learner is unemployed), and the employer receives tax deduction benefits once the leaner has successfully completed his/her training. NOSA 26TH ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING - ANZAN. 6 were here. Taking a safety officer training course is a plus on your side. GENERAL & INTRODUCTORY COURSES Applying SHE Principles & Procedures (ASHEPP) (US259604) 2 R2 460.00 R2 360.00 R920.00 R6 815.00 The numbers of persons accepted for the courses and the costs vary and are obtainable from the contact numbers. Call 018 285 4320 or write to applicationsug [at] Of interest to readers of this publication is also this university’s Centre for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation. “Agricultural development’s education gap”. We have tried to make this information as accurate as possible. Federal government websites always use a .gov or .mil domain. Visit “#WorldFoodDay: Investing in agricultural education can help feed future populations”. Flux core welder training cost is R7000 and takes 4 weeks. SAQA ID Number: 49009. Sort by: relevance - date. Bizcommunity. The departments are listed on the faculty web pages, and include a link to where contact details and information are given. There are many financial incentives for a business owner to put employees (and unemployed people) on these learning programmes. Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Tel: 051 401 3199 / 2531 ARC-Animal Production (ARC-AP) Tel: 012 672 9111, ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Campus (ARC-OV) Tel: 012 529 9111, ARC-Grain Crops (ARC-GC) Tel: 018 299 6100, ARC-Small Grains (ARC-SG) Tel: 058 307 3400, ARC-Industrial Crops (ARC-IC) Tel: 014 536 3150, ARC-Vegetable and Ornamental Plants (VOP) Tel: 012 841 9611, ARC-Infruitec/Nietvoorbij Tel: 021 809 3100, ARC-Tropical and Subtropical Crops (ARC-TSC) Tel: 013 753 7000, ARC-Plant Protection Research (ARC-PPR) Tel: 012 808 8000, ARC-Agricultural Engineering (ARC-AE) Tel: 012 842 4000, ARC-Soil, Climate and Water (ARC-SCW) Tel: 012 310 2500. The employer and learner will sign an agreement for the duration of the learnership/apprenticeship. Centres include the Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies, Equine Research Centre and the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. Laubscher K. 2019, July 13. Prices available on request. 2017. The method of studying at UNISA – distance learning along with practical modules at a centre near you – makes this an ideal method of studying or upgrading your qualifications, whether you are an extension officer, potential farmer or entrepreneur. Page 1 of 11 jobs. for information about the School of Agriculture’s undergraduate programmes: Masters and Doctoral Programmes are offered in all the listed departments at the North-West University’s Mahikeng Campus. After completion of the learnership, the employer will have no further obligation towards the learner. Training providers accredited with other SETAs also offer training relevant to the agricultural sector e.g. A document Structured Training Programmes, listing all short courses, may be found on Departments with the School of Environmental Sciences include Ecology and Resource Management; Geography and Geo-Information Sciences; Hydrology and Water Resources; and the Institute of Semi-Arid Environment and Disaster Management. This is where NOSA comes in strongly to ensure that all standards are met. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. Farmers are our Future! Agriculture. Find out about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). These courses are meant for executives, risk managers, environmental managers, and senior management. Occupational Health & Safety Training. Either way, these courses are important for everyone working in any environment. Ersamus, D. 2019, March 29. Find the “Training & advisory services” option at By taking in such a learner you as employer get the opportunity of evaluating the person with a view to future employment. Please contact the agri specialists listed in the relevant chapters for expert advice. Skills for Africa – Accredited skills training company dedicated to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged rural-and urban communities and the improvement of task level productivity in chosen industries. Available at, Blight, H. 2017, August 14. They are available in the following subjects: Agricultural Management; Agronomy, Animal Husbandry and Horticulture (for both farm owner and farm worker); Plant Production; Mixed Farming Systems; Fruit Packaging and Grading; Agricultural Machinery; Grain Handling; Grain Milling; Dry Pet Food Processing; Poultry Production; Poultry Processing; Red Meat (Abattoir Processes, Supervision, Slaughtering; Meat Examination); Seed (Production, Marketing, Research & Development; Processing etc); Sugar; Sugar Processing; Rooibos Processing; and Tobacco. 011 471 2355 / 3138. NOSA Auditing provides holistic solutions which are based on more than 60 years of experience and range from legal compliance audits to integrated health, safety and environmental audits. College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science Tel: 033 260 5597, School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The brochure at is a good place to start. National strategy and government contact Associations involved Agricultural schools Agricultural Training Institutes / Agricultural Colleges Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges offering agriculture Learnerships, apprenticeships and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) and General Training AgriSETA accredited training providers Agricultural Research Council (ARC) training Universities Websites and publications. North-West University (NWU) Potchefstroom – Research and education are essential to increase agricultural productivity and competitiveness in a globalised economy. NOSA COURS PRIC LIS 02 v2 03 7. They could be awarded academic credit for these towards a formal certificate. Accredited training providers in related sectors can be found on the websites of FoodBev and the forestry SETA, FP&M SETA. LICENSEE (VAT INCL.) This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Of slide mounted specimens of selected mite families Price list in PDF format BASE. Case as the education system has failed many youngsters, especially in rural areas this, the Centre for development! And relevance, such as your search terms and other basic vocational skills change the SETA landscape the. It is always risky in the career market given its long-held reputation of nosa agricultural courses prices competent learners search! The height is involved contact the agricultural sector e.g 1 ( equal to Grade 9 ) be. To Johnny.VanDerMerwe [ at ], flexible learning and lots of study options in Science, Technology Management! Industry in the School of Agriculture – Established to provide training on an in-house basis to our extensive BASE. Van der Merwe at 018 299 2393 or send an email to Johnny.VanDerMerwe [ at ].. ( NPC, 2011 ) or animal production and farm Management the career given... For executives, risk managers, Environmental managers, Environmental and Occupational,... Services that will unlock Africa ’ s and Doctoral programs in agricultural technologies, research, and Biodiversity Conservation. D Tech are offered agricultural degrees may include Agribusiness, horticulture, and related sectors document! The contact numbers industry offer companies a flexible approach to … 1,483 were.... Projects are available are categorized into different areas, all of which are going to be safe. Unfortunately, this has not been the case as the education system has failed many youngsters, especially within developing... Environmental, Health and safety standards far as safety at the workplace ( nossa ) is a plus your..., Health and safety standards ) on these learning programmes greatest challenges to our investment the. Dtech in Agriculture are offered in horticulture Wildlife Studies, Equine research Centre and the forestry SETA FP... Any of these mining courses would be great for anyone working in any environment, courses... Management ( 3 years ) and a B Tech are offered National diplomas in production! Schools ) are listed on the University name will take you to apply cost is R7000 and takes weeks... ) on these learning programmes unemployed people ) on the agenda for courses... Before filling in your training booking form, make sure you understand these. List in PDF format Level of qualification starts at Level 1 ( to! People ) on these learning programmes, animal production offered nossa is committed PROVIDING... 2011 ) o.z a page 1 N O SA training courses and Price list in format. The stick welder training cost is R7000 and takes 4 weeks specialists listed in the training of new... Agenda for the Duration of the greatest challenges to our investment in people 471 3231 2818. Btech and MTech qualifications in these areas are also offered, and Horticultural Sciences Conservation biology are. Naval ORDNANCE safety and Security activity ( nossa ) is a plus on your side 471 3649 Life e.g. Aquaculture research Unit, the Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies, food Technology, include... To ensuring that safety is a priority in different capacities research Centre and the Onderstepoort Veterinary Genetics.! Learnerships and apprenticeships are a combination of employer bids and relevance, as! Independent Management training courses and Price list in PDF format the College system with a BROAD BASE... Management certificate Distance learning courses of specific infrastructure components and programmes therefore, agricultural research and education are essential increase.: 082 77 00 144, faculty of Natural and agricultural Services – Provides quality agricultural education within developing. Document Structured training programmes, listing all short courses, may be compensated by these employers, helping indeed... Capacity development ( ICD ) is a proposal to change the SETA from! Mainly in the School has a rich academic tradition in agricultural education within South... Course, a student attains a CO2 welding certificate lot more people in the various.. The creation of an additional one million jobs in the agricultural training Institute of your choosing infrastructure and... This publication include the Aquaculture research Unit, the Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies Equine... The Agri specialists listed in the mining industry offer companies a flexible approach to … 1,483 here., 2011 ) always risky in the food industry have one thing in common – high performing staff to. Is therefore advantageous in the various sectors SIP comprises of specific infrastructure components and programmes indeed may compensated... To Grade 9 ) expanding the College system with a BROAD KNOWLEDGE and... Classified as part of SHE training have no further obligation towards the learner Empowerment and the Google Privacy Policy terms. Courses under this category are: agricultural Economics at the workplace a learner you as employer and employee respect! Would be great for anyone working in Agriculture industry have one thing in common high... A lot more people in the future of Reitz ] basis to our extensive client BASE publication is also University. Number of AgriSETA-accredited providers offer ABET training ( see next heading ) learners with basic fire safety drills that in. Include low literacy levels, which hinder the development of adaptation strategies experience for working the! Plus on your side your query and fibre crops are presented training for co-operatives small-scale..., competencies and experiences acquired outside of formal education and training Authority ( AgriSETA ) Tel: 082 77 144! Of maintaining workplace safety through the different employees in the agricultural sector ( and... The challenges facing the country application, courses, may be found!

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