Pillori Associates stresses communication and coordination with ownership, design professionals and construction management alike. Our aim is to inform all involved of the geologic nuances specific to the project site that can negatively impact the excavation and foundation construction. We take pride in our ability to produce engineering designs that address all pertinent geologic conditions encountered in the subsurface investigations and reflect our practical approach to foundation construction. That said, it is often necessary to meet with various trades constructing the foundation to review the anticipated geologic conditions which can impact the work, allowing each of the trades to accurately plan their work and coordinate with the other trades working on the project. Proper planning and successful coordination between the trades always enhances construction productivity and the overall project profitability.

During construction, Pillori Associates provides continued engineering services for review of contractor Submittals and Requests for Information. Each Submittal or RFI is reviewed by a project engineer and returned with comments in a timely manner.

From time to time, unforeseen subsurface conditions arise that can slow the progress of foundation construction. When encountered, Pillori Associates has the experience and know-how to respond quickly with practical and economical solutions tailored to keep the construction moving with little or no effect on the construction schedule.