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Very logical flow. There are enough colors used so that the user doesn't feel bored immediately or over time with the aesthetic. AP Calculus BC. The text is relevant to all people and all cultures. read more. Using one of these resources in tandem with some sort of paper-and-pencil assignments from the text is likely the best alternative but still requires hand grading. Section 2.1 gives a nice overview of calculus, providing scaffolding for students to see where the course is heading. Some of the sections cover quite a lot of material, sometime too much to be covered with in a 50 minute class period which is not terribly uncommon. Some of these online textbooks are open-licensed electronic versions of print books. Those interactive features are good examples of this work. Glossaries appeared at the end of each section, and the index was useful and contained all expected references. For more content related to this post you can click on labels link. The online version hides solutions for the example problems by default, allowing the reader to attempt the problem without being influenced by a visible solution. It feels like the sections could easily be selected and ordered at the instructor’s discretion, without too much confusion. Examples given covered topics that should endure for a good amount of time. I wouldn't use a text that didn't. In that regard, this textbook is extremely comprehensive. From the start, this book gives a comprehensive (yet straight forward) review of the necessary function knowledge. His home page is and his video lectures on linear algebra and on computational science and engineering are on Reviewed by Caleb Moxley, Visiting Assistant Professor, Randolph College on 8/15/17, The test covered all necessary topics for an introductory calculus course with a particularly strong eye to understanding functions. If you're familiar with the Dummy series, you'll appreciate the same format here with Calculus for Dummies. Computer logic. In particular, the critical diagrams showing the construction of the derivative were difficult to decipher due to the labels being nearly on top of one another. The images size and scale nicely across formats. Most of the real-world examples are from the last 5-10 years, so will lose some relevance as time goes by, but the math would of course still be perfectly valid. This follows the usual progression of a calculus textbook: limits, derivatives, applications, integrals, and more applications. There is a nice mix of theory and applications throughout. It covers the entirety of the usual Calculus I curriculum and includes sections with applications that are particularly helpful. There is even a “Review of Pre-Calculus” at the end of the text, which contains all relevant formulas and identities. It starts with a review of functions, moves to limits, and then proceeds through differentiation and integration. AP Calculus AB. Alas, there are many errors in the print version of the book, some of which are also in the PDF version. Journalism, Media Studies & Communications. Discrete Mathematics ; Probability & Basic Statistics The text is free of error, and the examples and exercises (the even ones I have worked on) are accurate. Reviewed by Kira Hamman, Lecturer in Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University on 2/1/18, The book is comprehensive. Terms are defined in easy to read highlighted sections followed by examples that can be easily targeted based on topic. Reviewed by Leanne Merrill, Assistant Professor , Western Oregon University on 3/5/19, This book contains all of the topics and material you would expect to see in a first calculus course. Like beauty, “truth” some-times depends on the eye of the beholder, and it should not be surprising that what constitutes a proof differs among fields. NPR delivers breaking national and world news. There are a variety of topics used in examples. I would want to reorder my presentation of some of them, but it appears that would not cause any major problems. For instance, having only one problem #450 in the entire text eliminates confusion. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Deb Russell is a school principal and teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching mathematics at all levels. Glossaries appeared at the end of each section, and the index was useful and contained all expected references. This text covers the same material as other common Calculus I textbooks. The compact review of functions helps to make a good start with calculus. Calculus. He received the von Neumann Medal of the US Association for Computational Mechanics, and the Henrici Prize for applied analysis. The hes should be eliminated, if that is the case. For some of the worked examples in the text the students sometimes had a difficult time understanding what was being done but this is not uncommon regardless of the textbook. The online HTML version includes the table of contents and is easier to navigate, but was somewhat slow to reload with my internet connection. The content is broken up into 6 chapters covering essentially the same topics as those popular textbooks. Examples are fairly straight forward and are universal in their application. Links to helpful interactive applets and demonstrations through the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, GeoGebra, Khan Academy, as well as OpenStax are embedded in the text, although two of the links I tried were broken. Given the subject matter the text will likely stay relevance for a long time. It is a universal language throughout engineering sciences, also in computer science. This was one of the features I most appreciated. Maybe you just assign all of them? OpenStax is committed to remaining transparent about all updates, so you will also find a list of past errata changes on your book page on". For one thing, I could not find a table of contents to navigate between different sections. The strong points of this text are clear, straightforward explanation and examples of the standard computational techniques of Calculus. The textbook is very consistent in its visual presentation. Although the surface-type questions presented are sufficient for skill-building, I was unable to find more comprehensive, multi-step problems that require students to synthesize concepts while providing immediate feedback. I like the idea of linking to external resources, but most commercial textbooks (in e-book form) would be more likely to have stable, functioning internal links to illustrations and applets. I have not found errors in formulas, examples, or homework problems. Calculus is used in every branch of the physical sciences, actuarial science, computer science, statistics, engineering, economics, business, medicine, demography, and in other fields wherever a problem can be mathematically modeled and an optimal solution is desired. It was an easy task to find a suitable stopping point to fit within the allotted time. Download lecture notes, assignments, exams and solutions. That is, it addresses all important issues, but broken down into comprehensible steps, without being pedantic or overly technical. If you're taking Calculus 1 or 11, this book has step by step solutions to many of the types of problems you'll be working on. Besides its historical role in computability theory it has had significant influence on programming language design and implementation, denotational semantics, and domain theory. After limits, differentiation is covered (with applications contained in a following section) and then integration is covered (with applications in the subsequent section). This book has a similar structure to that of Stewart or Briggs. As mentioned this book was used to teach Calculus 1 in the fall of 2016. This book is great because it's available as a pdf, or in an easily navigable ebook form. I was unable to find any major topic that is covered in my classes currently that wasn't covered in this book. I did not find any grammatical or typographical errors. There won’t be too much picking and choosing of things from within a section. AP Chemistry. It is more focus on introducing the concepts with examples of application well worked out. The topics are structured clearly as: function background, limits, derivatives, derivative applications, integrals, integral applications. There are extensive examples to go with each learning objective followed by practice problems to allow the student significant practice. It is difficult to use the online version in class and call students attention to a problem in their printed pdf copy. However, for a book that must exist as a static pdf, this is perfectly fine. The exercise sets are of similar difficulty and length throughout. This text is a bit of a cultural void. Computer programming. There are helpful glossaries at the end of each chapter, but no... There is an index at the end of the text and there is a glossary at the end of each section.... Ana Bell is a lecturer in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT for "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python", "Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science", and an Instructor for the same courses on I also appreciated that volume 1 only covered only differential and integral calculus. The book is quite consistent. The text is internally consistent in terms of terminology, notation, and framework. Reviewed by Ashley Fuller, Associate Professor, Richard Bland College on 10/9/19, The text is well laid out and has topics broken down into appropriate subtopics within each larger chapter. The text could be improved, in my opinion, by greater inclusion of conceptual examples and exercises, and more modeling. This book is for Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate students which is simple to comprehend and is especially written in the format these students would enjoy reading and benefit from learning the foundation concepts of Software Engineering. I was unable to find any major topic that is covered in my classes currently that wasn't covered in this book. Diagrams were not overly cluttered, each page was free of distracting margin comments and very to the point. Commas are used in correct places, which adds to clarity. Of course there are probably many considering it is a newer math book.

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