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Re: Battlemage vs. Sorcerer vs. Spellsword Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:41 am In trying to develop a difference between a Spellsword and a Battlemage, I'd try to think of one who uses magic to make their swordfighting more deadly, while the other uses the weapon to break defenses so their spellcasting will have a greater effect. A Battlemage studies the more advanced martial applications of magic (including contingencies in the event they can't avail it, like mundane weapons skill). Battlemage .vs. » The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind » Spellsword or Battlemage. That being said, based on The Official Game Guide to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim these are the suggested builds for Spellsword and Battlemage: Spellsword Health 40% / Magicka 30% / Stamina 30% Primary Skills: One-Handed, Destruction Secondary Skills: Light Armor, Illusion Battlemage Magicka 60% / Health 40% Primary Skills: Destruction, Restoration (OP imo) ... Morrowind Morrowind Character Guide Series: The Crusader. Of course you can tweak this by choosing your race accordingly. Spellsword - A Definition. A spellsword learns spells to augment their own personal prowess. They try to portray it as a sinister shadowy figure, but lacking sneak and illusion doesn't really fit with that. The witch hunter is a light battlemage, no armor but instead of melee weapons he uses a bow. A spellsword will have much less ability to cast spells than a battlemage. ... and I want to know what people think is better, the Spellsword, or the Battlemage… Spellsword: One-Handed Light Armor or Heavy Armor (They used Medium in Morrowind) Block Alteration Destruction Illusion Restoration Enchanting Alchemy Nightblade: Light Armor Sneak One-Handed Archery Lockpicking Illusion Alteration Destruction Battlemage: Heavy Armor One-Handed Conjuration Alteration Destruction Enchant Alchemy A common debate within the TES community is the definitions of battlemage and spellsword, and this blog post will provide my own take on this arguement, detailing the key differences, key skills and key equipment for these charactor molds to work. 0. Spellsword or Battlemage. A spellsword plays more like a traditional 1H user that uses magic as a secondary skillset. Battlemage is a class in various Elder Scrolls games. The main attributes of the Battlemage are Intelligence and Strength. In such situations, battlemages have few equals. Battlemages are a deadly mix of scholar and soldier, and are trained to utilize offensive spells during combat. The avatar of the Spellsword from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.. Nimbler and more athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, the attacks of a Spellsword are unpredictable. Class Abilities, pick the Blade Dancer profession so you can summon a blade at will. This magician runs around the enchanted armor, shreds opponents with one-handed weapons, deceives the mind and tears apart destructive magic. He prefers to run alone because the draft animals and teammates only get in the way. They commonlyfocus on combat using both magic spells, as well as blunt and blade weapons. The first is essentially a light spellsword who uses blade, light armor and magic. The difference between a Spellsword and a Battlemage is the difference between tactics and strategy. ... Spelled Swords (ideal for the Spellsword) You deserve your own very magical sword! Battlemage is pretty much a mage wearing heavy armor who mainly relies on spells and only uses a sword or whatever once the enemy gets close. Spellswords are great students of combat and magic.Serving as warrior-mages, they dedicate their lives to learning both the art of war and the ethereal ways of power.

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