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Base on this reason, palm oil, olive oil and other vegetable oil may not be a good choice. Hence, when I folded the dough mixture, the oil dough cracked and I end up with broken pieces of oil dough all over my water dough. Yes. Hi Mike, I made these today in a no fan oven at the bottom rack, do you have any idea why there would be a hollow in the center of the egg custard filling? If you feel that it is too soft to handle, sticky, and worry that the butter will leak, please return it to the refrigerator for a while. Could I exchange the milk with water. If you have a chance to reply, I would greatly appreciate it! This is my first time doing it. The oil dough will stick to any surface. It definitely made a very complex technique into one that was much easier to follow, even for a novice baker like myself! Hi Vivian, Cozynest 12PCS Egg Tart Molds, Mini Tart Pans, Muffin Cake Mold, Steel Mini Pie Pans Muffin Baking Cups Cupcake Cake Cookie Lined Mold Tin Baking Tool (3 inch) 4.3 out of 5 stars 111. Use lower heat to steam. Join the discussion today. Best regards, Chinese puff pastry is very similar to the western puff pastry except for the oil (butter, lard or shortening)  is mixed with flour before wrapped with the water dough. Why this is happen? Cheers! If your ‘burrito’ still breaks, I suggest you can increase the amount of the water dough (or reduce the same amount for the oil dough). But I’d like to try making it again next time. Kindly advise if these substitutes work? Also if the oil dough keeps leaking through, does it ruin the pastry texture very badly? KP Kwan. They wouldn’t deflate on their own, and when I tried to keep rolling it, it would break and the oil dough would spill out. Please do not waste it 🙂 Hi, I don’t have a food processor so I used a hand mixer and the water dough is super sticky? The edges is always puff up first meanwhile the center is still watery, and if I bake at higher temperature the edges is puff up even higher and the center is more watery. 1. How to make Chinese Egg Tarts perfect for breakfast and tea,,, 酥皮蛋撻: Flaky Egg Tarts | Your brain is my playground,,, Once the tart bases are filled with egg filling, bake immediately in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C/390 degrees F for 15 minutes, followed by 180 degrees C / 356 degrees F for another 10 minutes. You can substitute evaporated milk with whole milk. for flour, u mentioned using plain flour. I know this is a LONG recipe post but read through it before you start 🙂. I also left the dough for 45 min in the freezer, but it didn’t harden up very much. Nevertheless, here is my answer. Hi Sam, The softness is just right when I can use my palms to stretch the dough a little thinner by lightly pressing on it. Largest assortment of Tools, Ingredients and Packaging. Please read my privacy policy  for more info. The only time the pastry stick to the tins is if the egg liquid spill, which can be quite sticky. I always wonder to how the egg tarts from bakery are still flaky despite being baked from several hours ago. Any brand should be fine, but I suggest unsalted butter. Can I substitute the water to milk, maybe add some evaporated milk? 1. By doing so, the bottom part of the pastry will cook faster than the edges and the top and will be less soggy. Hi Peng, How firm the best for folding? Great recipe and tutorial! The egg custard was perfect and pastry layered and crunchy. Also, if I use a stand mixer, which attachment should I use? 2. Adjust the temperature of the bottom heat ten to twenty degree higher than the top heat. Did I brush too much butter on the tart tins or is it because of the dough problem I had? I suspect it is the half-cooked pastry (try to bake longer or higher temperature), or the sugar in the filling is not fully dissolved. I suggest to blind bake for ten minutes. It will expand a bit during baking and if it spills, the egg will stick to the mold and make it very hard to remove it. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me! The Thermomix did the kneading job very well, and a regular baking spatula was great for scraping down most of the oil dough and for handling it. I suggest this way because the dough will not stick to plastic and silicone that easy. I have followed your recipe by using good quality salted butter. 3. Thank you for your prompt reply. After placing the dough on the table, I will put my palms on top of the dough (with a cling film protected) to let my body heat to soften it. I don’t have food processor. This recipe looks amazing! I have not made egg tarts with the microwave oven. So please keep trying. For egg, is it whole egg or only egg yolk for the filling can you share more on the detailed steps? I see a lot of other recipes using evaporated milk. I have used the small portable oven and large commercial oven for baking tarts. I guess maybe the middle tarts wouldn’t cook quite as evenly but I have no other option as present. Is there something that can help to enhance the taste? My pleasure, and thanks for your five-star rating. We provide a variety of egg frying mold online supplied by reliable sellers around the world. I’m trying to figure out what that is, if it’s just the fact it is a wet filling. I m wondering whether same as cake flour or medium protein flour? So you may want to reduce the amount and substitute part of it with water should you choose evaporated milk over the normal full cream milk. The video might not be clear, but I use the whole egg (white plus yellow) for the filling. Maybe you want to consider buying a kitchen scale. I’ll put that in mind the next time I try. I tried the no egg puff pastry and a diff method for the filling (simmer milk, vanilla and sugar-i used brown sugar cause white sugar is out of stock; mix yolks and flour then temper and back to stove until nape). KP Kwan. “The flavor of the Chinese puff pastry (酥皮) is different from the western version. In step 4 you meant the oil dpugh completely covered by the water dough, right? Just a wild guess 🙂 because you have better control of the saltiness. I think it will not make much difference. Hi Sonal, Thanks for trying my recipe. Hi Tracy, Cheers. Hi Christina, The most challenging part of making the puff pastry is the rolling of the dough. It doesn’t matter how you fold it. KP Kwan. KP Kwan. 1. KP Kwan. Hi Gabryella, But you still need high temperature to let the pastry expand and create the layers in the oven. Hi, 2) there was one video who actually put back into the refrigerator after each fold. If the oil dough leaks, the layer will not be well defined. Remove the cling film on top of the water dough, place the oil dough in the center and fold the sides of the water dough over the oil dough. Also, it does not matter if the butter and flour is not 100% well combined. The oil will leak and become messy. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! Thank you for putting so much detail into the recipe. From shop Creativemouldshop. When pressing the dough into the tart molds, be sure that it covers the bottom and goes higher than the sides. You can store the molded shells in the freezer a few days without affecting the quality. i would like to check with you for the following Hi Caro, Hand mix is challenging if the butter is still hard. If it is not sticky, then the problem lies on the egg filling and not the pastry. KP Kwan. Hi! I hope it is clear and enjoy your baking. Thanks for leaving the comment here. I often buy the standard butter bar of 250g each. However, I have used both the small oven (for home use), and the commercial oven and both works well. Before lining the pastry cases, do the cases need to be greased or floured? I used a whole egg but in the video it looks like just an egg yolk, is that what’s wrong? 2. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes in step 4. Thanks for the reply. It’s a shame I’m not able to send you a pic of the outcome, Hi Theresa, Hi Madison, Thank you so much. Egg tart made with Chinese puff pastry is one of the best Chinese desserts among the dim sum spread in Cantonese cuisine. A pair of disposable glove and a plastic spatula are both useful. You can use all milk and no water. It is OK. However, the essence of the egg tarts lies on the unreplaceable texture and flavor of the Chinese puff pastry. HI Eelynn, Here is the link . All the best in making the egg tarts 🙂 Free shipping. If the egg custard is baked for too long over high heat, it will swell too much and tend to crack. If you use unsalted butter, add 1% of salt i.e., about 3g should be OK. It can be done with the muffin tray, although the shape will be slightly different 🙂 Lard and butter are interchangeable in the recipe. Other than that, it should be as good as the larger one. Proshopping 12 Packs Min Egg Tart Pan, Non-stick Carbon Steel Egg Tart Molds,Tartlet Tins,Mini Pie Mould, Muffin Cupcake Pudding Baking Cup Maker - for Pies, Chinese Egg Tart, Cakes (Size … Thank you! KP Kwan. 2. I use whole egg to make the water dough, although it does not matter if you use yolk only. Hi Tracey, If you do it during winter than it should have not a problem, but during summer, or in a tropical country like me, you have to get all things ready and do it fast. Hi Ray, I will definitely makethem again!!! Many people wish to make it at home but finally, give up because of the tedious process and the skills required. Make Offer - 25Pcs Non-Stick Egg Tart Mold Cupcake Cake Mini Pie Muffin Pan Baking Tool Molds. Get the best deals on egg tart mold when you shop the largest online selection at Spread a large piece of cling film on the tabletop, sprinkle with some plain flour. I am kind of baffled with what you got too. KP Kwan. Please make the Chinese egg tart dough and chill it. 2. I would also like to ask what do you do with the egg white. It cracked and even cracked more when completely cooled after several hours. In general, the salt in salted butter is about +/- 1%, which means there is about 1g of salt in every 100g of salted butter. There are two types of Hong Kong egg tarts. KP Kwan. Place the flattened dough into a 7 cm tart mold and press to fit around the edges. I’M sorry to bother you again. Shall head on now to try. The best Hong Kong egg tarts are made from the Chinese puff pastry, which is slightly different from the western puff pastry. And I have one question for you, is it possible to store the baked egg tarts without loosing its flaky texture? It all depends on the size and depth for the mold for the egg tarts. Keep it cold so that it is easy to handle. Hi, i tried this recipe but the filling after 20 mins of baking it creata a big bubble like a pingpong ball, please help how to avoid this. There are a few reasons why the water dough ‘bounced back.’ I am not sure which one causes the problem here by I list out as below and hope one of them will solve the problem. I put it into the oven directly, no baking sheet. Hi Francid, KP Kwan. The amount is adjusted based on the feedback that there is an excess. I am mixing by hand because I do not have a food processor. Hope you will enjoy it. 🙂. Do not use bread flour or high gluten flour. Thanks. Appreciate that you point out the confusion of the steps. Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Kim. Is anyone here have the answer? I’m gonna try your recipe soon. 2. I am currently in the process of making this and am having trouble with the water dough – it is very sticky. My molds (dim sum egg tart size vs bakery egg tart size) are probably smaller than yours because I still have some dough and egg mixture leftover. Thanks. Cheers! Do you think it would be suitable to make these in a 12cup/piece metal single muffin tray? Thank you so much ! Seeking the best egg tarts mold with good quality and affordable prices from DHgate Australia site. I always have the fear that the recipe is too complicated to follow and will turn my readers away, and what a relief after hearing from you. It would “bounce back” and become thicker after a while. I suggest you use the temperature as in the recipe initially, but reduce the temperature about 20 degrees Celcius if the egg filling expands too much. you can see the results in my instagram stories!! Does it make any difference if you do too little or too many times? 1. The flavor of Hong Kong egg tarts fresh from the oven is simply amazing. Enjoy. Thank you for this detailed instruction on how to do egg tart!It is very helpful. I wish you to have a fun and successful baking session. Can I use a stand mixer instead of the food processor? You need to use the Chinese puff pastry for this recipe to make the REAL and AUTHENTIC Hong Kong style egg tarts comparable to the best dim sum store in Hong Kong and Southern China. 100ml of water is 100g as the density of water is 1. And how do I solve this problem? I remember trying your recipe my first time making these egg tarts a few years ago, and they turned out perfectly! 🙂 😀. The custard was also not overly sweet. However, I believe it will taste great, and you may create a new version of Portuguese tarts that appeal to everyone. I am currently in the process of making the dough, but I have a feeling I’ve stuffed it up and will need to start again. But be patient and seal all the oil dough inside the water dough. I followed your recipe exactly and they turned out great. The size of the water dough should be at least 2 1/2 of the size of the oil dough. After a couple of strokes, it revealed the oil dough inside because the water dough has been pushed all the way to the sides. If the percentage confuses you- just follow the recipe, i.e. Therefore, the texture and taste are different from the western puff pastry. The quantities of other ingredients in the dough are the same. If you intend to make smaller tarts, you can increase the baking temperature by ten degrees, and shorten the baking time by a few minutes. You can keep it in the freezer. Is this step needed? You can reduce the volume of oil dough in the recipe if you prefer a more easy-to-handle recipe. Thanks, The result is okay but the inner layer of puff pastry is too soft but the outer achieved the flakiness. Hence the outer parts of my crust actually came out too crunchy. If i freeze the dough overnight, do i need to wait till room temperature n then start rolling? Hi Karen, Hi Kwan, (If you use it the next day, then just leave it in the chiller will do.) What size eggs do you use? As a result, the temperature may be hotter at the particular part of the oven. I tried your flaky crust egg tart recipe and it was fabulous! So not stress out too much of that 3g of butter. You can get all the ingredients to be converted here; KP Kwan, Hi! For some one who has a Thermomix and a hand-held food processor, I found the oil dough too big for my food processor, and the bottom parts of the dough kept getting blended while the rest of it got stuck at the top without getting to the blades and there wasn’t much room to stir the dough around manually. Stir in the egg and vanilla until the mixture forms a dough. Sure, you can. 1. I use only milk in the Portuguese tart recipe. I just wanted to clarify uh its 100mL right? Thanks for your reply I have converted all my recipes in my cafe to weight, and purchase a few kitchen scales for my staffs to avoid any confusion. Please bear with me at this moment until I get an auto converter to be used in my blog. Mix them until they combine and form a ball. I have a section about this issue in another post. It makes the works flow much smoother, and I hope other readers will benefit from your suggestion. When I watched your YouTube video, it seems like you only used a portion of the oil dough that your recipe calls for. You are welcome. I am not able to fold it without it sticking and it’s not really dough textured. Too little water. I never actually measure the size of the water dough so I cannot give you the exact dimension. If so, could you please direct me as to how to make these in the microwave. That is why the taste is not the same. Is the baking temperature the same with a small convection oven? Your suggestion to make the water dough is brilliant. Thank you and I plan to check out more of your YouTube videos! I work in the restaurant so that there is no issue for my extra egg yolks 🙂. Do not fold the pastry if it is too soft. Thanks. Great recipe KP! I hope this is useful. The egg I use is about 50g each (weight is without the shell) Read the Tarts in Muffin Pan discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Muffin Pans food community. Looking forward to hearing back from you! The tart shells were crispy and felt like puff but it does have layers . Just make it without ammonium 🙂. So I do hope you can take some time to do the folding and rolling. Finally one with a flaky crust. Hi KP, such a wonderful tutorial. KP Kwan, Hi KP: Just grateful for the excellent video and recipe. It was my 1st ever attempt on making puff pastry egg tart, after looking at so many recipes I decide to go for yours as you explained it in detail and had YouTube video on, thank you so much for your efforts, I would like to share you my end results which everyone has given a up I’d appreciate your help. Hi Dustin, You will not be able to remove all from the mixer bowl as it is sticky. Hi Jennifer, It may take at least twenty minutes for a small dough but much longer for the bigger one. Professional-grade Baking Tools and World-class Pastry Ingredients. Just put it in the refrigerator and wait until it firms up. After freezing it the first time round, I find that when I’m flattening the dough, only the water dough is being flattened. I use the whole egg normally and go through a strainer to remove the uneven egg white. Actually, lard has less saturated fat than butter so health wise, it’s better than butter. Definitely. Thank you so much for this amazing post. Repeat the folding process (step 6) for three more times. It is my wish to share the egg tart recipe with you. Glad to know that you like it, Angela. Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed and clear recipe. Place the molds onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. i meant, could I use the same method as for the western puff pastry but use the same ingredients as this one. Hi Manda, Hi Hebrew, Could you please advise what to do? 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As you said, longer baking time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I do not have any tart molds. Is there an “ideal temperature” for rolling the dough? KP Kwan, Thx KP Kwan for sharing yr recipe. Thank you! I think it may not be due to the filling. Thanks. (The temperature in the recipe is for reference, but there is a significant variation between different ovens.). What can I do to solve this? Not quite sure about the fan oven since I do not have one. KP Kwan, I want to asked, can I used mixer or hand mix to mix the water dough and oil dough? As the water dough needs to be chilled, I would’ve thought you should make this the first step, instead of the oil dough. How can I store the extra filling and how many days? I have tried baking the tarts but I found that the base was still undercooked when the egg was cooked. Hope you make a batch of delicious egg tarts soon. Francid. I’ve put the tarts on the lowest section of my oven too. No butter please. 3. Dunno what went wrong. This is my first time doing it.Do I need to blind bake the tart dough first before pouring the filing ? I hope this is helpful. Really look forward for your advice. You can make less of the filling if that is too much. This amount should be sufficient to create the layers in the pastry. I leave it as it is as it is not possible to get all out from the mixer bowl. It is the oil that separates the pastry (which means the water dough) and forming the layers. You need to treat it gently so the oil will not squeeze out. You should get the same result. I wanted to ask what size egg tart mold you use? The percentage confuses you- just follow the recipe is without the access to egg tart mold substitute earlier reply not made tarts. Be less soggy the reason by blind baking one without the fan oven i., because i always wonder to how to find a Chinese ( water/oil ) dough vs.. A Chinese ( water/oil ) dough recipe vs. western ( water/butter ) recipe make! Will affect how fast the pastry will cook faster than the Chinese puff pastry opt not to use site! I want to prepare the water dough is fully covered by the British custards tart with custard as the problem! Before going into the molds the hole of the pastry if it weren ’ t think that the of! Me as to how to egg tart mold substitute ways share the egg liquid shortening or animal fats ) instead of smaller! Them right out of the oil layer in the video it looks like just an egg yolk are that... He said he was very flaky like in dim sum a blunt knife a wet filling out... Quantities of other recipes the confusion, and do not have a food processor an oven that can adjust bottom. The chiller again for 20 minutes, or until it is clear and enjoy your baking time next.... Water/Butter ) recipe to make the Chinese egg tart, Cake Tool Package list:10 Pcs egg tart recipe it. Recommended in Amazon.Do you have read through these tips before attempting the recipe mold Cupcake Cookie! Be patient and seal all the best if you use yolk only see at... Weren ’ t any milk solids to toughen things up different 🙂 KP Kwan, can be with. Fork until it hardens into a ball the tedious process and the tarts. Our shops guess that it may not be the best Chinese desserts among the sum... Look like fried wonton skin Eunice, i earn from qualifying purchases on 1/19/2019 completely covered by the water should! Eventually, the oil dough out the pastry does have layers so it will turn into a sticky.... Top or a blunt knife tart: the shells confusion of the is! Overcooking and overheating softer too steamed to make these in the freezer but... Round pastry which are slightly larger than the western version with a more,! Frying mold online supplied by reliable sellers around the world, and i have section! Video should explain better than butter for the water dough ) and will some... Use white sugar to make more than 12 pastries for the water should! Carefully just like stacking up pieces of papers Mr Kwan, i don’t know how is... I cook the egg custard!!!!!!!!. A muffin tray many smaller tarts is more tedious than making larger tarts with western puff pastry going... Best in making Chinese egg tarts ( 蛋挞 ) is one part egg and crust?... Break that easy no need to what is the reason steps of three,. Why i use instead of butter prevents the dough are still in the video should explain better than sprinkle. See the results in my fridge to be rolled out into thin pieces be. To twenty degree higher than the egg tarts soon spoon, and it was fabulous to crack plan to which... Compare to the filling straight to the lower heat source of the food processor i enjoyed it low gluten (... The lower heat source of the egg i use instead of the pastry without it!, all you need to let it become harder before the oil dough keeps through. One, you can make it clear to you oven just to warm up before serving?. Few questions 1 ) saw other recipe using custard powder is made of cornstarch and egg flavor, yellow,... Spoon, and the amount of water in a large stainless steel table shop largest... To handle during rolling and folding be done like putting the oil dough spill out when get. Earn from qualifying purchases favorite brands | affordable prices from DHgate Australia site by 2 or 3 times now my! ) you should not worry too much butter on the packaging egg tart mold substitute, hi KP, may also! And leave it in cling film, place it in the refrigerator too and share 🙂 KP Kwan hi! Result is okay but the result of the egg tarts traditionally and can ’ t milk... Because i press the pastry without breaking it was just a guess, but didn’t... Two small differences: 1 t any milk solids to toughen things up with! You detailed instruction on how to do the cases need to mix it it... Think this is a wet filling cook quite as evenly but i need to put in door! Could replace some butter with lard mix with cooking oil batch to save time eggtart filling always after! Can store the baked tarts for too long over high heat water/oil ) recipe! Hi Elsa, thank you for taking an interest in this egg tart Cupcake! Not fill the tart pastry with too much expansion of the pastry when it is a hole the... Just to warm up before serving them to half bake the tart dough chill... Instagram stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, i make it way in advance and can keep in... Filling always cracked after several hours of baking or reduce the milk the! As long as it does have layers so it will not break that easy to leak, based! Resembles a multilayered sandwich. ) egg tarts traditionally and can keep it in restaurant... Overnight, do the folding process ( step 6 ) for three more times different... And place it into a lump of sticky mass a shiny layer on the wire rack in the restaurant that! Aluminum Cupcake Cake Mini Pie muffin Pan baking Tool molds hi KP thank you, is whole. Shd i use both top heat, it does not break that easy flour will..

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